Healthy Families

Supporting the Community

We are an Indigenous service organization developing Indigenous solutions for the growing number of children and families in the child and family service system.

Blue Thunderbird Family Care works with Indigenous families to reclaim traditional ways of providing care, safety, belonging, connectedness and healthy interdependence.

Collaboration and respect produce the best results for children and their families.

Executive Director - Dana Riccio Arabe
Blue Thunderbird Family Care

What We do

Holistic Family Focused Care

Reunification Homes

A focus on parent support, and holistic family-focused care.

Ongomiizwin Ikwe Home

A cultural home environment for three exploited youth age 13-17.

Family Preservation

Granny's House provides culturally safe out-of-home respite for families.

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Resources and Supports

All people need adequate resources to implement plans for change.

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