Who We Are?

Blue Thunderbird Family Care is an Indigenous service organization developing Indigenous solutions for the growing number of children and families in the child and family service system

Blue Thunderbird's innovative approaches are based on strong relationships and a commitment to stand with Indigenous families in creatively addressing the increasing demands placed on families in caring for their children.

Blue Thunderbird works with Indigenous families to reclaim traditional ways of providing care, safety, belonging, connectedness and healthy interdependence.

Mission Statement

Blue Thunderbird will develop programs and services that empower our urban, Indigenous community to reclaim and practice Indigenous quality of care for our children and families.

Guiding Principles

  • Every effort is made to preserve and reunify families;
  • Care of children is best accomplished in a healthy family;
  • Indigenous children are placed in homes that provide culturally based care, respecting their whole person;
  • Meaningful change is best accomplished at the level of family and community;
  • Families respond best to change when their strengths and abilities are recognized, appreciated and supported;
  • All people need adequate resources to implement plans for change;
  • Collaboration and respect produce the best results for children and families.
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